What’s Likely to Happen on Your Private Pilot Checkride

by Josh on May 3, 2010

For every private pilot in training, the private pilot checkride is the end of the path for them. This is where all those lessons and all those money and time spent on flying with your instructor is put to the test. Will you be able to finally gain that ground and earn your private pilot certificate? Well, of course, you should. You can’t just let all those cash go to waste. This means that, early on in your instruction, you should know how you can prepare effectively for your private pilot checkride.

When you want to get ready, of course you have to know what things you are likely to encounter when you finally have that checkride for your private pilot certificate. Doing so will help you concentrate on the points necessary for you to give a favorable impression on the FAA examiner that will decide whether or not you will be issued a certificate at the end. Here are some things that you will mostly likely encounter during your private pilot checkride:

You Will Be Asked to Demonstrate Several Maneuvers or Procedures

As a way to gauge your level of proficiency or skill at flying aircraft, the FAA examiner will ask you to perform certain maneuvers or initiate specific procedures. Successfully demonstrating one or two will be enough to get you rated for a private pilot certificate. This means that, early on, you should pay close attention and work towards the mastery of your maneuvers and procedures.

You Will Be Asked to Take a Test

Aside from practical examinations, a written exam is most likely to occur during your private pilot checkride. There’s no telling what will come out during your checkride, so private pilot test prep should begin early in your training as well. There are also reviewers and other published material that you can tap to help you with your private pilot test prep as well.

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