Secrets to Passing the Private Pilot Checkride

by Josh on May 12, 2010

Every student pilot is both excited and anxious as the day of his private pilot checkride approaches. On this day hinges the future of his dreams in aviation: will he be awarded that private pilot certificate that let him fly at whim? Or will he go away disappointed, being denied that one piece of paper that will make his dreams come true? Much fear and anticipation is endured by the pilot trainee, who must find ways to ensure that he will be successful in this final phase of his training.

If you ask any successful private pilot, he will be able to give you some tips on how you can increase your chances of passing your private pilot checkride. The tips will vary from pilot to pilot, but if you summarize them according to common points you will find that there are two secrets to successfully acing a private pilot check ride. These two secrets are:


Nothing impresses a pilot-examiner more than a student pilot that is ready and prepared for his checkride. This means that you should have the necessary paperwork as well  as the needed flight maps and weather reports ready before the checkride commences. To do that, you would have to arrive early and check in with the sources of those needed information.

In addition, preparedness means that you should have every crucial procedure ready for your private pilot checkride. In the days leading up to the checkride, review extensively on your past lessons to refresh your memory.


Most of all, a sense of calmness is very useful during the private pilot checkride itself. Only with a degree of calmness will you be able to recall the procedures and actions that your pilot-examiner may ask you to demonstrate for him. There’s no sense in getting jittery especially with your private pilot certificate at stake.

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