Qualities That Make Up Being a Private Pilot

by Josh on March 3, 2011

Being a private pilot goes more than just sitting inside an airplane and taking off to fly. It is a lifestyle that one must cultivate, and thus being a lifestyle, one has to have certain qualities in order to be deserving to be called an aviator. You can call it as required attitudes that you must have if you want to become a part of the general aviation industry.

Fortunately, just like most qualities, they can be learned and cultivated through time and constant observation. So do you want to know become an aviator? Find out if you have what it takes, so you can work on it during your student pilot days and have made them a natural part of you when you’ve started operating out of your certificate.


The best pilots in the world are those that have a mind out for safety not only when they’re flying but at all times. Safety is a concern that is distilled by every CFI and flight school when you start to learn to fly, but it is up to the trainee to train himself to be always conscious for safety. In the private pilot checkride, for example, if you cannot demonstrate your focus on being safe, then chances are your examiner will not sign you up for a certificate because he cannot trust you to get up there on your own with other aircraft in the area.

Diligence to Learn

Change is the only permanence this world will know, and that applies to aviation as well. As years pass, technology is going to change and you would have to catch up to this. Though the method of flying is fundamentally similar throughout time, there will still be small changes that one needs to keep up with or they will beleft behind. Thus, a good private pilot will always struggle to learn anything new about this craft that comes his way. That goes for new laws and regulations as well. Learning to fly is an ongoing process after all.


Last but not the least, the private pilot needs to cultivate a professional attitude with all his dealings. Be on time on flights. Sound courteous on the radio. Learn to acknowledge vectors or instructions promptly because you are giving a big help to the busy people in the Air Traffic Control tower.

Private Pilot Blueprint

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