A Few Things Every Pilot Should Have In Their Flight Bag

October 28, 2010

Every private pilot needs to have specific gear in his flight bag. To save space, you cannot just stuff anything in there when you embark on a flight. You only put in things that are necessary for your flight training or your flight if you’re already a certified private pilot. So, what exactly are these [...]

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Join Jason Schappert’s Making Great Landings Webinar!

October 28, 2010

Every student pilot will realize that as he takes lessons to learn to fly, making the perfect landings could be difficult. That is because landings and even takeoffs rely more on rudder adjustments than the ailerons, and thus make the plane harder to control than usual. However, every student pilot is also required to master [...]

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Should You Fly in a Thunderstorm?

October 21, 2010

Should you fly in a thunderstorm? As a private pilot, you are taught to always avoid getting into turbulent weather including thunderstorms. However, there could be times that you could find yourself getting head on with the weather disturbance. What should you do at that point? You’ve been taught as you learn to fly that [...]

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Learning to Fly With the Aviation Underground Seminar

October 18, 2010

Hey, pilots!
Do you need any supplemental information that could help you with your training or even your ongoing careers as a private pilot? Are you looking from information that can further help you become a pilot together with your training?
Then there’s good news in that case. Why is that? It’s because the Underground Aviation Seminar [...]

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What One’s Solo Could Look Like

October 13, 2010

One of the milestones that you have to reach during your flight training is your first solo flight. This marks your first step into being a full-fledged private pilot; with your solo flight, you are given full reign by your instructor to fly the airplane by yourself without him on the other seat. For this [...]

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Acing Landings and Takeoffs

October 8, 2010

Every private pilot has to master a lot of things during his student pilot days. When you learn to fly, it simply means that you have to take into heart a number of procedures that would certainly be useful when you finally become a pilot. These procedures include, but are not limited to, takeoffs and [...]

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Using a Trainer to Learn How to Fly

September 29, 2010

Learning how to fly the old way is fun and challenging, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can learn to fly through a means that let you get the hang of flying faster? Flying a basic Cessna trainer is the option most people turn to when they are training to become a pilot, but [...]

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Choosing an Online Ground School

September 22, 2010

Every student pilot knows that taking flight lessons is also making an investment. It can be expensive to maintain, mainly because of the high costs involved in airplane rental plus aviation fuel. As an investment, however, you do get to enjoy something in return. It may not be something tangible, but the money you spend [...]

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What is an Instrument Pilot Rating?

September 20, 2010

Life doesn’t end with the private pilot checkride. In fact, after attaining your private pilot certificate, you are in a for a lot more. One of these is the instrument pilot rating, which would require you to learn more about instrument flying. Having an instrument pilot rating will also open up many other opportunities for [...]

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A Look at Jason Schappert’s Private Pilot 101 Online Ground School

August 4, 2010

We all knew and loved MzeroA.com, with all its useful blogs and video podcasts from CFI extraordinaire, Jason Schappert. Jason recognizes that blogging is a good way of getting information across to his audience, and he even went as far as complimenting his posts with video podcasts and his very own weekly radio show. And, [...]

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