Getting Back After a Hiatus

by Josh on July 1, 2010

We all know how expensive it can be to maintain flight lessons. Thus, we all know that it is entirely possible that we might stop in the middle of the course because we no longer have the means financially to continue flying. However, what happens when the financial snag becomes too long and we find ourselves going on a long hiatus before we manage to proceed to the private pilot checkride?

The most obvious way to go is to seek private pilot flight reviews. Flight reviews will work back the skills which you might have forgotten due to a long break from flight lessons. Flight reviews are effective, but it also takes some part from the student to make them that effective in recalling the information plus the motor skills that have rusted in you due to the long hiatus. Here are some tips that you can use to make your flight review both on the ground and in the air easier on your part.

Get Together With a Flight Simulator

Most people suffer from pressure and uncertainty when they decide to come back to private pilot flight lessons and working their way up to their private pilot checkride. The fact that it is going to cost them money to take flight reviews does not help at all. Now, the best way to prep yourself for your flight review is to seek the help of a flight simulator.

How can a flight simulator help? By taking lessons on the flight simulator, you get the chance to review procedures and maneuvers without having to spend money on the hourly rate for renting the airplane. This way, recalling the motor skills in the actual flight will be a breeze and your flight review can be over in just a few hours.


Relax and have fun. It would do you no good in both your flight review or your private pilot checkride to become all jittery and nervous. You need to remember that you have hours under your belt, that you have skill and that you only need to recall them in order to start taking lessons again. Believe me, your private pilot flight review won’t take that long if you are confident and prepared before taking the controls again after a long hiatus.

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