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by Josh on February 23, 2012

The Garmin G1000, an aviation changing experience. Once you fly with it once, you will never want to go back to those old steam gauges. It is simply a pleasure to fly with and is one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment on the market today.

What is the G1000? The G1000 is a glass cockpit system consisting of 2 LCD panels 10 to 12 inches wide each. The panel on the left is the PFD (primary flight display) and the screen on the right is the MFD (multi function display). The PFD shows your usual “six pack” gauges and your nav and comms. The MFD shows everything else including an incredible moving map. The G1000 really minimizes the workload on the pilot and is an unbelievable piece of equipment.

The G1000 offers many features and tools. Here I am going to explain a little bit about some of them.  Smart Taxi. This shows a very detailed taxiway diagram with your aircraft moving down the taxiways. This is helpful when you’re in an unfamiliar airport or a larger airport. The moving map in the G1000 is a very neat tool and shows everything from traffic to weather radar.  It also has a very nice traffic avoidance system built in. Finally, the auto pilot. The G1000 has the GFC 700 autopilot that is capable of using the G1000’s data to navigate. It also has the ability to hold airspeeds.

Synthetic Vision. This is one of the most popular features in the G1000. Synthetic Vision is a sophisticated graphics modeling of the outside using topographic landscape all in color. Whatever conditions there are outside of the aircraft, this makes it seem like there is unlimited visibility outside. So this is extremely helpful in IFR flying. Also, when you’re on the ground or very low over the runway, you can see the taxiway/runway on your MFD. It helps so much when you’re worried about maintaining centerline.

The G1000 is an amazing piece of equipment. Without a doubt, the G1000 and all glass cockpit systems are the future for general aviation. It is an aviation changing product by Garmin. Just remember to keep your head outside of the screens because ultimately, YOU are the one flying the aircraft no matter how advanced technology gets. If you can, take a flight with the G1000 but beware, you will never want to switch back.

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