Do You Need an Online Ground School

by Josh on November 1, 2010

As they say, the life of a student pilot involves learning, studying, flying… and more learning, studying and flying. You have to cultivate the habit of self-studying. You need every piece of knowledge that you could get, especially when you are on the road to getting your private pilot checkride. Remember, your CFI can only teach as much as he could during the limited time you have together in the cockpit. There are other things that you have to learn on your own, especially the theoretical part of the lesson.

That’s what a ground school is for and everyone knows that, thanks to the technology of the Internet, there is now an alternative for student pilots and private pilots alike. This alternative is the online ground school, which is touted as the most convenient way for a student pilot to learn to fly. Will this ground school be necessary for your quest to become a pilot? Absolutely!

Convenience is the Name of the Game

As mentioned earlier, the online form of a private pilot ground school is the most convenient way for a student pilot or even a private pilot to learn things about the trade. Why  is that? In order to make use of the lessons or information that you can get from an online ground school, all you have to do is just access the website and grab anything that you need. This is definitely better than rushing through traffic just to get to your ground school in time, which gives you stress and doesn’t give you the relaxed state of mind that you need to make the most out of your lessons.

Another reason why an online ground school is very convenient is that it allows you to browse and peruse lessons at your own pace. This kind of flexibility lets you focus on your strengths and weaknesses so you can work your around them, thus you learn more and make your chances of a becoming a private pilot much better. If you need to study on a certain topic, simply search through the archives of the online ground school for posts that relate to that subject.

For example, if you need to read about the G1000 trainer and its features, you simply type “G1000” or “g1000” trainer to the search box in the online ground school and it will do the rest for you.

It’s a Good Investment

We all know that it takes a lot of money to accumulate hours and gain experience. When you enroll in an online ground school, you’ll be able to take advantage of thousands of hours of experience and knowledge acquired by the instructor of the website as he struggled to become a private pilot and earn his private pilot license. You, however, don’t have to spend as much as he did. With your investment in the online ground school, you pay for less and acquire the same knowledge and experience.

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