3 Reasons Why You Need an Instrument Rating

by Josh on February 23, 2012

An instrument rating is probably going to be the most difficult but the most rewarding rating you will get during your flight training. I’ll never forget when I got my instrument rating. There are some great reasons why you’ll need it. Here I’ll tell you 3 great reasons why you need an instrument rating.

The first reason that you should pursue and instrument rating is for lower insurance costs. Just by having an instrument rating, it will literally save you thousands of dollars in insurance costs. Especially if you ever decide that you want to become an aircraft owner someday. Some aircraft that you might have you eyes on buying might require that you have an instrument rating before any insurance company will even think about insuring you for it. So think about getting an instrument rating just to save some money on insurance if you ever plan on becoming an aircraft owner.

The next reason is for increased safety. Makes sense because we’re still in our flight training, learning a new task, therefore increasing safety all around. Increasing safety for us pilots, and for any passengers that might travel with us someday. If you ever somehow make your way up into a cloud flying VFR, you will know the proper procedures on what to do to safely get out.

The last reason is, more flying days! This makes sense right? Not that were going to be flying up through some crazy storms or other ridiculous weather, were still fair weather pilots. But imagine you get out to the airport in the morning going to visit a buddy or going to get some breakfast, and the airport is socked in IFR because of some low level fog. We know that it is going to burn off later in the morning. But as a VFR pilot, you couldn’t fly in that. So you could file that IFR flight plan, depart through the fog, and by the time you get to your destination, it is going to be beautiful because you’ve flown for an hour or two and gave the fog some time to burn off. So when the weather is just below VFR requirements, you could go IFR and still make that reservation somewhere else.

So as you can see, an instrument rating can be a great thing to have under your belt for many different reasons. From saving money, to just more pleasure. So get out there and get that instrument rating. You will be so relived once you do.

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