Have you ever lost your logbook?

by Josh on August 18, 2012

Ever since I started flying, I and most other student pilots, have had one similar major worry. Losing my Pilot logbook. That book that has all of our hours, endorsements, dates and information. Most pilots would have no idea what to do! Going back in time and trying to find all of those dates, hours, instructors’ signatures, aircraft, and locations would be impossible! But now, there is a way to log all of you flights to you apple or android device, thanks to Runway log!

Runway log is the first ever mobile and web based log book that you can export to PDF! You will never forget that one tail number, because thanks to the web based interface and app integration you can log flights weather on the computer, at the airport on you mobile device! There are tons of great features in runway log, including the ability to snap pictures of the airplane and attach it to the log, have your instructor e-sign right on you device or tag you friends on Facebook as “along for the ride!” Perhaps the best feature is that you will never have to worry about losing your log book, as Runway log is a safe secure server that backs up your information to the minute!

I use it myself and would recommend it to anyone, who has a logbook! Now, you can try runway log for free! Your first 25 entries are free. Click here to start your free trial of Runway Log! You won’t regret it!

-“A Good Pilot Is Always Learning”


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Oshkosh 2012

by Josh on July 26, 2012

One week out of every year, over 500,000 loyal aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and guests make the journey from around the world to Wittman Regional Airport for the worlds largest airshow most know as, Oshkosh! This year Oshkosh’s mixture is at full rich from July 23-29th hosting some of the biggest names in aviation, from Cessna to Cirrus on the ground and Sean D. Tucker to the Aeroshell team in the air, Oshkosh will have it all!

As you may know, Oshkosh will be hosting the latest and greatest in aviation brands, from Cessna, Piper, and Cirrus to David Clark and Foreflight! Cessna is proud to present this year the Discover Flying Challenge, in which eight of Cessna’s new 162 Skycatcher’s and eight carefully selected pilots departed Wichita for various sections of the country to promote general aviation! Also, Cirrus is at Oshkosh promoting their soon to be released Vision jet.

Oshkosh will have something for all ages and interests! There will be day camps for the kids hosted by the local YMCA and aviation workshops, activities and seminars for the adults. This year if you are interested in workshops there will be some woodworking workshops, welding workshops and sheet metal workshops! There will also be airplane and helicopter rides, and a runway 5k run!

There will be many great seminars at Oshkosh, but one you cannot miss is m0a.com’s Jason Schappert giving his famous “How to Handle in Flight Emergencies” presentation. On top of it being a great presentation, it is also an FAA WINGS credit approved seminar! You can catch this amazing presentation on July 28 from 8:30am to 9:45am in Forum Pavilion 11. Don’t miss it!

There are things at Oshkosh for everyone this year weather your flying in for it or driving, you will always have something to do or someone with similar interests to talk to! Remember if your flying you own airplane in for the event, there are only limited spaces so get there before there gone! To find out more about the event, visit www.airventure.org. This year is going to be one you don’t want to miss!

-”A Good Pilot is Always Learning”

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